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Does your business stock large products that won’t fit in a standard shopping basket or cart? The Cargo Cart is perfect for stores with multiple products, ranging in size from small to large. Carry these products around your store and to the customer’s car with ease all thanks to a cargo cart.

Cargo Carts Benefit Your Store By:

• Improving shopper satisfaction • Enhancing the store atmosphere

Our Cargo Carts Offer:

  • Retractable upper basket for large items on bottom tray
  • Liquid polyester coating over a bright zinc finish.
  • 5” rear swivel non-scuff
  • Casters for best maneuverability

Weight: 58 pounds

Weight capacity: 440 lbs

Nesting distance: 11 inches

Dimensions: 38.5”L x 22”W x 41”H

Skid: 10 carts

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Cargo Carts are incredibly easy to use, stack comfortably, and allow even more shoppers to browse your aisles. Learn how roller baskets can be a part of your store with a free quote.

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