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You want to increase overall store sales. How do you accomplish this? Through comfortable and convenient tall shopping baskets from Good L Corporation. Sure, you could do promotion after promotion to increase sales of a specific product, but how often does that really work?

Tall baskets are exactly what your store needs to:

• Improve shopper satisfaction

• Enhance overall store atmosphere

• Increase total sales

• Grow brand awareness

The tall baskets from Good L Corporation are 100% American made and boast features such as:

  • Top: 16” L x 12” W
  • Bottom: 13” L x 9.3” W
  • Height: 10”
  • Case: 13 baskets, rack & sign
  • Case size: 59” H x 18” L x 13” W
  • Skid Quantity: 15 cases
  • Colors: Choose from a wide range of colors
  • 100% Recycled Plastics

Add Your Logo

The best part about our tall baskets? The ability to customize the appearance with your colors and logo. Our in-house team will quickly develop and add your store’s logo to every tall basket you order. Your customers will appreciate the comfortable and convenient baskets, and recognize your brand right away!

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Custom tall baskets are great for building brand awareness and creating a better shopping atmosphere for shoppers in your store. Learn more today by receiving a free quote.

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