How Customers Can Benefit from In-Store Fulfillment

More and more retailers are looking for ways to integrate their physical locations into their order fulfillment process. The customer experience is so important when it comes to this integration, and retailers must be careful not to bring too much of the warehouse into the store and vice versa. Luckily for them, logistics technology has seen major advancements in recent years and there are current solutions that allow a store’s processes to look more and more like a warehouse management system than ever before.

One such solution is in-store fulfillment, which allows a brick-and-mortar store to complete an order no matter which channel was used to make the order. Of the many benefits of an in-store fulfillment solution, the ability to accurately and quickly manage and complete orders across all channels is probably the most valuable to business owners. The increased visibility across all channels can lead to a much less stressful and efficient way to ensure a top-notch customer experience.

Standardized Processes Increase Efficiency

Anytime you have the chance to increase the efficiency of your store’s processes while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, it is definitely worth your time to learn more. An in-store fulfillment solution can integrate all processes between the store and the warehouse to create a seamless relationship, allowing for uncommon picking requirements. The integration doesn’t stop there, as processes can be standardized for managing orders, point of sale systems, and even store replenishment all with speed and customer satisfaction in mind.

Increased Visibility

There is a pretty stark difference between how stores and warehouses track orders. Stores deal with individual products while warehouses handle cases of those individual items, creating a disparity with how accurately they can track inventory. In-store fulfillment allows for accurate tracking of inventory at every step in the delivery process, and even allows you to see which items are in each case or bundle, as well as when it will arrive. Locating specific pieces of inventory is seamless and quick, allowing for more information to be used in the order fulfillment process. More accurate inventory replenishment means customers will have a better chance of filling their shopping carts and baskets with the items they came looking to buy.

Get the Most Out of Your Store Staff

With the integration of both store and warehouse processes, the store team now has the ability to operate in seamless accordance with customer expectations. In-store fulfillment solutions also allow for store management to effectively oversee the store staff and keep tabs on productivity. Orders fulfilled through the brick-and-mortar store require more time, and an in-store fulfillment solution provides managers with the information to set more feasible goals for the in-store staff, who will now have the tools to perpetuate customers’ experience inside the store as well as fulfilling orders placed by customers from outside the store.

Order fulfillment can present challenges to retailers, especially when it comes to maintaining customer satisfaction while fulfilling orders across different channels, and the key to preparing for those challenges is a proper in-store fulfillment solution.

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