Expedite Your Restocking Process

Stop making unnecessary trips to keep your shelves full. The Tub Cart’s tubular design holds two bi-fold totes, making it an excellent option for transporting merchandise from the warehouse to the storefront (and back again). Crafted with half-inch solid wire and heavy gauge zinc tubing, the Tub Cart can help expedite the restocking process to ensure your shop displays always look their best.

Our Tub Carts Offer:

  • Liquid polyester coating over a bright zinc finish
  • Casters for best maneuverability


  • Dimensions: 32″L X 21″W X 43″H
  • Weight: 36 pounds

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Tub Carts are incredibly easy to use, stack comfortably, and allow even more shoppers to browse your aisles. Learn how Tub Carts can be a part of your store with a free quote.

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